Sacramento Children Affected by Methamphetamine

Sacramento recieved a Children Affected by Methamphetamine grant to enhance the EIFDC and DDC programs with a new component entitled Children in Focus (CIF). CIF provide a linkage to a Birth and Beyond Resource Center and a Recovery Resource Specialist to parents and their children ages 0-17 participating in either the SAC DDC or EIFDC. CCFF works as the site evaluator for the CIF Program and provides feedback to guide implementation. The CIF evaluation uses a process and outcome research design to measure the effectiveness of the program in promoting safety, permanency and well-being of infants who are identified as prenatally exposed to methamphetamine or other substances of abuse. CCFF's evaluation assesses the impact of grant-funded services and activities on child and family well-being, tracks performance indicators across time, produces evaluation findings as part of ongoing feedback and documentation and conducts ongoing comparative analyses with data drawn from families who participated in EIFDC prior to implementation of the CIF program.