Annotated Bibliography

The bibliography the major literature in the field of cross-system issues involving child welfare, substance use disorders, and dependency courts. It is organized in 5 topic areas, and the time frame is from January 2000 through May 2009.

Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to teach basic knowledge, skills, and values about working with children who are in the child welfare system and who have experienced traumatic stress. It also teaches how to use this knowledge to support children's safety, permanency,and well-being through case analysis and corresponding interventions tailored for them and their biological and resource families.

Case Management DW on ADP presentation
This presentation reviews approaches to case management for persons in treatment and recovery

Linking Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Treatment: A Guide for Legislators, 2000
This document was developed by the National Conference of State Legislators for members addressing cross-systems issues

NCSACW Tutorial 3: Substance Abuse and Child Welfare Issues: A Guide for Judicial Officers and Attorneys in the Dependency System
NCSACW's online training targeted for dependency court professionals.
NCSACW Online Training Handbooks for Courses 1 & 2

Several handbooks were developed by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services to implement a statewide training for supervisorsand caseworkers, utilizing the NCSACW online tutorials for substance abuse treatment and child welfare professionals.

Understanding Substance Abuse and Facilitating Recovery: A Guide for Child Welfare Workers

This brief discusses the relationship of alcohol and drugs to families in the child welfare system; provides information on the biological, psychological, and social processes of alcohol and drug addiction to help staff recognize when substance abuse is a risk factor in their cases; describes strategiesto facilitate and support alcohol and drug treatment and recovery; and explains the benefits of partnering with substance abuse treatment anddependency court systems to improve outcomes for children of parents with substance use disorders.

NCSACW Tutorial 2: Understanding Substance Use Disorders, Treatment and Family Recovery: A Guide for Child Welfare Professionals

NCSACW's online training targeted for child welfare professionals.

NCSACW Tutorial 1: Understanding Child Welfare and the Dependency Court: A Guide for Substance Abuse Treatment Professionals
NCSACW's online training targeted for substance abuse treatment professionals.

Navigating the Pathways: Lessons and promising practices in linking alcohol and drug services with child welfare (executive summary)

This TAP is one in a series of publications published by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). Children and Family Futures authored this publication addressing the linkage between alcohol and other drug (AOD) and child welfare services (CWS), based on site visits to seven exemplary sites across the country in 2000.