TIP 42: Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders

This TIP provides information about the field of co-occurring substance use and mental disorders, and captures the state of the art in the treatment of people with co-occurring disorders. Synthesizes knowledge, and grounds it in the realities of clinical cases and real situations.

Working with Families with Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders
This presentation reviews the special challenges of working with persons with both subtsance use disorders and mental health issues

State Accountability and Outcome Tools and Protocols

These products have been developed by sites working with the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare's In-Depth Technical Assistance Program and include examples of state policy and practice changes.

CFSR/PIP Review Children´s Bureau Child and Family Services Reviews Fact Sheet

The Children's Bureau has summarized the basic process of the Child and Family Services Reviews at the federal and state levels and the development of the Program Improvement Plan that emerges from that process

CFSR review: A Review of Alcohol and Drug Issues in the States' Child and Family Service Reviews and Program Improvement Plans-November 2005
This assessment of the CFSRs that had been completed as of November 2005 reviewed the references to alcohol and drug issues in the states' documents.

Tribal Communities
These documents are drawn from the experience of the tribes working with the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare's In-depth Technical Assistance projects.

ADP women´s workshop materials
These documents are drawn from experience in the California Women, Children and Families Technical Asssistance Project from 2005-2008.

TIP 25: Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence
This TIP reviews domestic violence issues as they relate to substance abuse treatment .

The Social and Economic Effects of the Methamphetamine Epidemic on America´s Child Welfare System

Testimony given April 25, 2006, at the United States Senate Finance Committee hearing to examine the social and economic effect of the methamphetamine epidemic on America's child welfare system.

Methamphetamine Resource List: Methamphetamine and its Impact on Women, Children and Families

A compiliation of resources targeted at methamphetamine and child welfare. This list was updated in May of 2009, and include papers, reports, presentations, trainings, and websites.