Children and Family Futures (CFF) is a not for profit organization that focuses on the implementation and evaluation of innovative human services programs and policies. Our clients include Federal, State and local government agencies, as well as universities, foundations and businesses. For nearly 20 years, CFF has earned a national reputation for its independent program evaluations and use of customized applied research methodologies. In addition to practical training and technical assistance (TTA), CFF also has a track record for delivering useful, high-quality program evaluation and applied research findings.


Our highly qualified CFF team brings extensive experience and expertise to provide the complex public sector agencies throughout the United States with TTA. We develop, implement and report on process and outcome evaluations, as well as analysis of policies and practices in both the public and private sector.  We are knowledgeable in designing, developing and implementing sophisticated web-based data collection and data analysis systems. CFF’s technical expertise and approach to customer service spans across every aspect of our commitment to high-quality research and evaluation, including the following:

Research and Evaluation

Federal Grantee Performance Measurement

  • Developing Program Performance Measures, Systems and Outcomes
  • Managing and Validating Agency Performance Data
  • Analyzing Performance and Supporting Agency Use of Performance Management Systems

Information Dissemination

Training and Technical Assistance

Knowledge Management and Development